Kiko Milano Had A Little Sale & I Caved

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Hello Bunnies!

Kiko Milano made me break my spending ban … well sort of.  I saw they were having a sale a few weeks ago and Mick kindly bought me a few pieces.  I’ve fallen hard for Kiko this year, so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try some more bits from them.  Whilst the prices are now back to full price, these lovelies won’t break the bank.


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click here I was lucky enough to have been sent a few pieces from the Fall 2.0 collection and I loved them, so when the highlighter was on sale it had to be mine.  Did I need another highlighter?  Nope, but how was I supposed to resist?

get link Gold In Progress is a beautiful warm gold shade that will suit most skin tones.  The baked formula has a lightweight texture that doesn’t feel powdery on the skin.  Instead, it almost feels as though it is melting into your skin leaving you with skin that feels silky to the touch.  It is one of those that you need to get past the top layer to get the best results, but once you do, this is stunning. Kiko Milano

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see When it comes to foundation, I’m definitely more a high end sort of girl.  However, I was curious as to whether one for under a fiver would be any good.  I’m not too sure as to whether this is a good shade for me, but that’s the risk you take when buying online. The coverage is medium to high and you can build it up easily.  It blends really nicely into the skin and feels velvety smooth, but I didn’t find that it stayed on well throughout the day.  The formula contains moisturising active ingredients and promises to protect the skin from environmental stresses.  I will say that it does feel hydrating on the skin, but I don’t think I will be buying this again.

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Kiko Milano


As soon as I saw this lipstick on the website I fell in love.  Metallic lipsticks aren’t something that I usually go for, but the shade was so beautiful that I gave into temptation.  Plus, the price was so low it was hard to resist.

With a pearly-metallic finish and a gorgeous rose gold shade, it is certainly beautiful. The texture is a lot premier than I’d expected and it literally glides onto your lips.  I was surprised how pigmented it was, considering the texture and the finish and it’s nice and lightweight.  The wear time isn’t brilliant though, so you need to keep this in your pocket or bag as touch ups will be needed.

Kiko Milano

Kiko Milano

Kiko Milano


I was not blessed with long lashes and it bugs the crap out of me every day.  It’s even worse because Mick has lovely long lashes – life really can be a bitch at times.  Anything that will lengthen the lashes appeals greatly to me, so I had to try this.

With a K2 pro-growth complex that acts like a nutritional supplement to the lashes, and an intense black formula, this does work.  Your lashes instantly look longer and more defined, although I did find that it transferred onto my lids quite easily.  The brush is extremely flexible, meaning it coats the lashes from root to tip, but I found it to be a bit too thin.  If you want your lashes to look longer, then this is good to use, but it didn’t wow me sadly.

Kiko Milano

Kiko Milano


Volume is also definitely lacking from my lashes and I own a lot of volumising mascaras.  I’ll admit that I didn’t have high hopes for this, but it’s surprisingly good.  A lot better than I’d expected.  I much prefer the brush on this as I find it easier to use than thin and fiddly ones.

The formula contains self-polymer waxes and these create a sheath over the lashes, making them look thicker.  It also contains vitamins and panthenol to add protection to the lashes, as well as strengthening them.  My lashes definitely looked thicker after applying this, but it’s not the easiest to remove.

I also picked up a concealer, eyeliner and a couple of brushes for a friend.  Overall I am pleased with my purchases, but I do still prefer the collection pieces from Kiko Milano.  Their regular products are nice and affordable, but the collections are just so good.



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