Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette

Huda Beauty Rose Gold

Morning Bunnies!

Spending £56.00 on an eyeshadow palette isn’t something I do lightly, but when they name it Rose Gold Edition, my willpower didn’t stand a chance.  Yes, Huda Beauty have launched a palette that screams ‘BUY ME’ … so I did and it is lovely.  Scratch that, it is bloody stunning!  Bunnies, may I present the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold

This palette contains 18, yes my Bunnies … 18, shades that are so pigmented you will weep at their beauty.  It has a mixture of matte shades, satins and the oh-so-flippin’ gorgeous foil-effect textures (which are best applied with a damp finger or brush).

Huda Beauty Rose Gold

DUBAI – smoky bronze 3D Metal

FLING – sparkly cranberry 3D Metal

24K – lavish gold 3D Metal

ROSE GOLD – lustworthy rose gold 3D Metal

TRUST FUND – ritzy copper 3D Metal

ANGELIC  – sweet pink with gold reflection Chromatic Pressed Pearl

Huda Beauty Rose Gold

Huda Beauty Rose Gold

BLESSED – vintage gold 3D Metal

BOSSY – maroon clay Saturated Matte

FLAMINGO – notice-me pink Saturated Matte

SHY – dusty pink Saturated Matte

BAE – cream base Saturated Matte

Moon Dust – illuminating gold Chromatic Pressed Pearl

Huda Beauty Rose Gold

Huda Beauty Rose Gold

BLACK TRUFFLE – decadent black Saturated Matte

SUEDE – transition grey Saturated Matte

COCO – dark brown Saturated Matte

MANEATER – mulberry Saturated Matte

HENNA – reddish brown Saturated Matte

SANDALWOOD – earthy deep tan Saturated Matte

Huda Beauty Rose Gold

I really have no words for just how gorgeous this palette is.  Yes it’s stupidly expensive, but it works out at just over £3.00 per shade, so it’s not too bad if you look at it that way.  The quality is amazing, and whilst the foiled shadows take a little bit of getting used to, they’re so stunning that you will soon fall in love with them.

I got mine from Cult Beauty, but there’s currently a waitlist for more stock, so be sure to sign up.

Are you tempted by the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette or do you not think it’s a particularly wearable palette?


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