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Hello Bunnies!

My mane is the bane of my life.  Years of dying my hair and not really looking after it, coupled with the menopause have resulted in locks that I just don’t love anymore.  I always say that I’m not fussed about haircare and I think that’s because I just don’t know what to do with it.  The lovely guys over at Aveda have kindly sent me three of their haircare products and I’ve been putting them to the test.  I’ve never tried their products before, so I didn’t know whether I’d like them or not, but I’ve been using them for a couple of weeks (so this is very much a first impressions sort of post), and I have been really enjoying them.

Aveda Shampure

So let’s start with the product that I don’t love and that’s the Shampure Dry Shampoo (£23.50).  This is a powder mist that is designed to revive your hair in between shampoos.  To me it’s sort of like talc for your hair and I’m just not about that – yes, it does help to disguise the greasy roots and your hair does feel soft and a bit cleaner, but it’s not better than drugstore ones that cost £4.00.

You expose the nozzle and then squeeze the sides of the bottle and it sort of sprays the product, but I found it quite hard to control how much product I applied.  I think the fact that it doesn’t have an aerosol it what reminds me of basically shaking talc over my hair, and whilst it does work, it’s just not worth shelling out what is effectively the cost of a Charlotte Tilbury lippie when I could just got to Boots and buy some Batiste.

Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturising Masque

Part of my total laziness with regards to my hair meant that for a long time I never really bothered with any kind of treatments for it, but I’ve recently been testing out a couple of hair masques – who knew they weren’t as much of a ball ache as I’d once thought?  The Dry Remedy Moisturising Masque (£29.50) is great if your hair is feeling really dry, which mine can get like a lot.

It has a rich formula containing a Deep Moisture complex that penetrates the hair to ensure that it delivers intense and lasting moisture right into the hair.  It has a nice floral aroma and is so quick and easy to use.  I shampoo my hair, and then whilst it’s still wet, I massage this from root to tip and rinse off after about 3 minutes – 5 if my hair feels extra crappy.  It definitely leaves the hair feeling more moisturised and hydrated, and once a week I make sure that I use this and I love it.

Aveda Daily Moisturising Oil

Hair oil has always been a bit of a risk for me – I normally end up looking like I’ve dipped my head in a vat of oil … until I learnt to actually read the instructions and stopped putting way too much on.  I never really saw the point of them either, but over the last few months, I’ve come to rely on their oily goodness.  The Dry Remedy Daily Moisturising Oil (£21.50) is naturally derived (well 99.9%) so doesn’t have any silicones or nasties in it.

 It’s a daily leave-in treatment and it leaves your hair feeling moisturised, as well as dealing with frizz and flyaways and resulting in your hair feeing soft and supple with the shine restored.  Now normal people will already know this, but if you’re a bit like me and never understood that less is more when it comes to oil, listen up.  You only need a couple of drops of this and don’t put it on your roots (they don’t need any help on their greasy journey).  Don’t do what I used to do and pour the stuff on.  Don’t do it.

Aveda have lots of products for all kinds of hair needs, so go give them a little look.

* Contains PR samples


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