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Glossier is finally reaching UK shores as of tomorrow!!  The brand beloved by YouTubers and founded by Emily Weiss will be available for UK shipping and the beauty community is excited.  I’ve been lucky enough to be sent a few of their products to try and I am impressed.




If you’ve not heard of Glossier or don’t know too much about the brand, then I will fill you in a little.  The brand was founded by Emily Weiss from Into The Gloss and is based in New York.  Until recently, you could only get the brand in America, although they expanded into Canada back in July.  With plans to add shipping to France in early 2018, they are starting to add more countries to their expansion.  Whilst there are stores in the U.S. that sell Glossier, we will have to make do with online ordering at – fingers crossed for a UK flagship store in the near future.

All Glossier products are cruelty-free.




The Milky Jelly Cleanser is one of the Glossier products that I’ve heard the most about.  A number of bloggers have been raving on about it, so I was curious to see what it would be like.  With a p-H balanced, creamy gel formula, it is strong enough to remove makeup (not waterproof makeup) and grime, whilst still being gentle on the skin.  One of the main ingredients is found in contact lens solution so it’s tough on impurities, but is safe to use around your eyes.

In the morning you can use a couple of pumps on wet skin before rinsing to wake up your face for the day.  At night, take 3 pumps and massage directly over the eye area to melt away your mascara.  Finish off by adding water and massaging over the rest of the face and rinse.


POLOXAMER – strong yet mild cleansing agent found in contact lens solution

ROSEWATER – a quarter of the water content has been replaced with rosewater which smells lovely and soothes

COMFREY ROOT EXTRACT – contains allantoin to help heal dry and stressed skin

AQUAXYL – refills the skin’s water reserves and improves the barrier to prevent dehydration

PRO-VITAMIN B5 – powerful and natural moisturiser

This is a really lovely cleanser to use.  Your skin definitely feels soothed and soft, as well as beautifully clean.  If it could remove waterproof makeup then it would be a real winner.




I was really intrigued by the sound of the Priming Moisturizer.  Some mornings we can all be a bit rushed, so a product that primes and moisturises could be a great solution.  It plumps the skin and gives it a cushiony bounce to reduce the pores.  Your skin is soothed and the tone is evened out whilst leaving you with a dewy finish that is the perfect base for your makeup.

You can build it up, adding more layers to leave your skin visibly plumped and prime, depending on what your skin needs that day.  Your skin really feels more hydrated and a lot plumper, and your foundation applies perfectly on top of it.


HYALURONIC ACID – adds intense hydration to give the skin a cushion-like feeling

MUSHROOM SUPER HYDRATOR – powerful plant extract that visibly plumps the skin and provides deep moisture

ANTI-REDNESS COMPLEX – soothing mix of tea and honey extracts to reduce redness and calm the skin

OXYGENATING AGENT – supplies stressed skin cells with oxygen to improve the texture

ANTIOXIDANT BLEND – Vitamins A,C and E, as well as radish root help protect against skin damage

If you like to prime your skin without having heavy blurring ingredients or that weird silicone feel, then you’re going to love this.  I’ve really enjoyed how hydrating it feels on the skin, and it does save time when you’re in a rush.




There are some days when my skin is behaving itself and I want to show it off.  Foundations can be too heavy, but I still want a little something on my face, and that’s where the Perfecting Skin Tint comes into its own.  Discolouration is evened out whilst your skin looks even, toned and dewy.

What I really like about this is that your skin still looks like skin.  Your freckles still show and you have a lovely natural look.  The skin feels like it can breathe and your pores look minimised too.  The formula is ultra-thin, almost like water, and it fits to the skin.  After giving it a good shake, you just use your fingertips to blend into the skin.


DIAMOND POWDER – brightens and blurs the skin whilst reducing the appearance of pores

GLYCERIN – helps the skin to attract and retain moisture

POLYMER X – gives a slight lifted look to the face

Now you’re going to only want to use this on a good skin day.  It is so sheer and covers nothing, but it does make your complexion look healthier and more even.  Moisturise the skin well before use – the Priming Moisturiser goes perfectly with this.




I am a highlight addict, so I knew that I wanted to try Haloscope.  Described as the Galaxy’s first dew effect highlighter, it has a dual delivery formula for a dewy sheen that isn’t dry or glittery.  The outer halo is infused with crystal extracts for the glow, and the inner core is solid oil to give the dewy finish.

This is so easy to use and feels moisturising on the skin.  Some highlight sticks can be hard to work with, but this just glides onto the skin and is easily blended by tapping with the fingertips. There are 3 shades available, and I was sent Quartz which is a universally flattering, pearlescent highlight.


ACTUAL CRYSTALS – the outer ring of each shade is enhanced with real Rose Quartz or Golden Topaz

COCONUT & CASTOR SEED OIL – rich in Vitamin E to give the solid core a dewy sheen and easy glide

SWEET ALMOND OIL – super moisturiser rich in fatty acids

I love how quick and easy to use this is.  It gives a beautiful glow to the skin that you can build up if desired.  All highlight lovers will really love this.

My first impressions of Glossier are so good.  I’m now even more excited about us being able to buy here in the UK.

Glossier will be available in the UK on from Monday October 9th.

* Contains PR Samples


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