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Filorga are a brand I’ve only really discovered this year, despite the fact they’ve been around since 1978.  They were founded by Michael Tjordman and focus on specialised and targeted treatments to combat the effects of skin ageing.  I’m going to be 35 in a few weeks (no, I’m not OK with it), so skincare is extremely important to me.  I’ve been testing these products for a good few months now to get a good feel for them.



As well as being extremely hydrating, this lotion helps to prepare your skin so it can receive your other skincare products more effectively.  I can suffer from really dry skin, especially as we approach Winter, so I look for products that will hydrate my skin.

The lotion acts as a moisturising concentrate and contains AQUA-MX technology.  The water sensors provide long-lasting hydration to the skin in just 30 minutes.  I can definitely feel my skin becoming more hydrated after using this, and it stays feeling that way all day.

Now it’s time for some science, and not gonna lie, I don’t fully understand the terms … I didn’t at school either but I still got that GCSE lol.  As well as increasing hydration, it also has a skin booster effect.  The NCTF in the lotion combines with polysaccharide (anti-pollution) which regenerates and reveals a lovely radiance.  Use this after you’ve removed your makeup, but before any other skincare products.

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Removing your makeup just got a whole lot fancier.  This tri-phase hybrid lotion not only removes your makeup (including waterproof formulas), but leaves your eye area looking younger and brighter.  I’ve tried many eye makeup removers, and this is up there as one of my favourites.

The lotion has a deep-cleansing formula made up of an Oleo-Clean process.  This combines both oily and aqueous stages to provide effective makeup removal that is still gentle on the delicate eye area.  To keep the eye contour looking younger, it harnesses the anti-ageing benefits of a serum  as well as reducing puffiness.

You can tell that Filorga take their skincare seriously and that they’re not just vanity products.  Optim-Eyes also contains a powerful bio-friendly moisturising agent in the formula.  The absorbent and lipophilic properties allow water to be retained to deliver 12 hour hydration.  A blend of Biochanin A and Tetrapeptide 3 also help to boost the growth of your eyelashes and strengthen the roots.  Taking off that makeup has never been easier.

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Once you hit a certain age, you realise your eyes are starting to show signs of ageing.  You then start to appreciate a good eye cream even more.  I’ve been using Optim-Eyes on and off for months and it’s a beauty. I do wish I’d known the importance of eye cream back when I was younger so I could have started early.

Dark circles are the bane of my life and it’s a constant battle to keep them at bay.  Optim-Eyes contains a unique complex that works to reduce the dark circles.  It promotes the elimination of the pigmented residues that give you that dark, shattered appearance.  I can always tell when I’ve stopped using this as the circles are more noticeable.  Whilst I will never truly eliminate them, they are definitely reduced after using this.

I’m one of those people who, no matter how much sleep I’ve had, wakes up with puffy eyes.  The active ingredients in the cream boost the venous and lymphatic circulation around the eyes.  This helps to reduce that annoying sweeping in the lower eyelid so the puffiness is reduced.  Finally, we all want our eye contour to look younger and fresher.  Hyaluronic acid and NCTF help to replenish the tissues.  Again, the active ingredients do their magic and smooth the contour to give you a more youthful appearance.  I keep mine in the fridge as I find this gives me the best results – plus it’s really refreshing in the morning.

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I never used to be a fan of BB creams, but this year I’ve decided to embrace them.  There are some days when I just don’t want foundation on, but my skin still needs a little something.  So, BB creams have become a bigger part of my makeup routine.

This is treatment-enriched and offers lightweight coverage without feeling like you’ve got anything on your face.  Your complexion looks dewy, evened out and fresher – your skin but so much better.  It has a beautiful creamy texture that literally melts into your face for a second-skin finish.

As well as making your skin look better, it also helps to reduce wrinkles (oh yes please!).  The active ingredients work to activate the mechanisms of the skin’s natural repair system.  It contains a complex known as Unismooth that instantly corrects redness to reduce wrinkle-causing damage.  I love using this and some days, it will be all I wear on top of my skincare.  For the days when I do want more of a base, I will use this as a corrective primer.  Ladies, it really is that good!

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Ok, so this is one for Summer, but I’m a rebel and I’m including it anyway.  If you’re heading for some Winter sun, then this one’s for you.  For those of you who prefer to tan naturally, then this will be something you will love.

The mist has a tan-enhancing veil that contains moisturising polysaccharide as well as Vitamin H.  Together, they revive the skin’s radiance for a sublimated tan.  The texture is lightweight, invisible and water-resistant and feels nice on the skin.  There’s no stickiness so it is quick and easy to use.

The mist is really nice and refreshing.  The addition of micro-encapsulated glacier water helps to tone the skin – it really does make your limbs look good.  If like me you’re not jetting off somewhere hot, remember this for next Summer.

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Filorga products are available from multiple retailers.  Marks and Spencer have a wide selection.

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