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Body Shop Face Masks

Hello Bunnies!

What beauty lover doesn’t love some good face masks?  There’s nothing I enjoy more than a relaxing evening, watching a film, a glass of something fizzy and a couple of face masks.  Yes, masks plural.  I’ll quite often use a traditional mask followed by a sheet mask.  To me, that is bliss.  The Body Shop have a lovely selection of face masks and today, I’m going to share my thoughts with you.

Body Shop Face Masks

Body Shop Face Masks


This is my favourite mask – I love charcoal face masks and this one is a beauty.  Before I get into the details though, I will just give you all a little word of warning.  Learn from my mistakes if you will.  A couple of weeks ago I used this mask and I totally forgot that I had it on.  I know, I’m not bright.  I’d taken my morphine so I was a little bit spaced out, and I just totally forgot that I had a mask on.  90 minutes later, I remembered.

 Have you ever seen what happens to a charcoal clay mask after that amount of time?  It was like cement.  Removing it was not fun.  Not even slightly fun.  I had to scrub my face like I’ve never scrubbed before, but eventually it came off.  Now this mask promises a glow, what I was left with was burns.  It has taken a lot of TLC to get my skin to recover, so don’t do a Bunny.  Don’t use face masks when you’re medicated … keep your masks on for the recommended time.  I will also say that this hasn’t stopped me from loving or using this mask – what happened was totally my own fault.

Anyway, enough of my stupidity and back to business.  If you feel like your skin is in need of a bit of purifying, then this is the mask for you.  Inspired by Ayuverdic traditions, it refines and revives the complexion.  So if you have impurities, excess oil or that your pores are looking a bit on the large side, then slap this bad boy on your face.  The mask is 100% vegan and feels tingly when you apply it, which I kind of like.  It has been infused with bamboo charcoal from the Himalayan foothills, green tea leaves from Japan and organic tea from Kenya.  As with the other masks I will be featuring, it has been formulated without parabens, parafen, silicone, or mineral oil.  When I use this properly, my skin always looks and feels so much healthier afterwards, with a natural glow.

Body Shop Face Masks

Body Shop Face Masks


When my skin is feeling dull and in need of some exfoliation, then this is my mask of choice.  It is 100% vegetarian and blended with rice and ginseng extract from China, as well as sesame seed oil from Nicaragua.  I love the creaminess of this and it doesn’t have the harshness that some exfoliating masks can have.

The mask tackles dull and uneven complexions and works to leave your skin looking illuminated, revitalised, even, brighter and more supple.  I tend to use this twice a week, and I am starting to see a lot of improvement.

Body Shop Face Masks

Body Shop Face Masks


I have a lot of trouble sleeping and I am permanently exhausted, which can show in my complexion.  I love products that add radiance and life back to my skin, and this mask is perfect.  It has been inspired but the rituals of Amazonian tribes, and it works to give the skin a wake up call.

Like the Charcoal mask, it is 100% vegan and is a beautiful blend of acai berry, guarana and babassu oil all from Brazil.  It exfoliates and invigorates the complexion, transforming it from sleepy and lacklustre into wide awake and energised.  I reach for this on the days when I need a fast pick me up for my face.  However, don’t mistake it for jam.  It might look like it, but I can bet that it sure doesn’t taste like it.

Body Shop Face Masks


The one thing that I don’t like about face masks is the mess, so this facial mask brush is ideal.

The long tapered bristles are perfect for ensuring you get an even application across the entire face.  For those little niches and corners, the slanted tip is great as it fits right in.  The bristles are 100% synthetic, so it is cruelty free, and the handle is made from Russian FSC Elm wood

.Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask • The Body Shop • £16
Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask • The Body Shop • £16
Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask • The Body Shop • £16

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