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Hello Bunnies!

The Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic palettes have been on my lust list for a while now.  Ever since they started appearing all over social media, I have wanted needed them.  I was lucky enough to recently collaborate with John Lewis on a Halloween post, and was able to pick up two of the palettes.  You probably heard the squeals of delight when I opened that delivery.



There are 6 Eye-Conic palettes available, all of which are beautiful, but the two I was most drawn to were Provocouture and Scandalust.  I love the sleek black gloss palettes – they’re nice and slim so don’t take up much space at all.  The mirror included is nice quality and they’re great for taking away with you.

Each palette contains 7 shades in a mix of 4 finishes: buttery matte velvet; shimmering satin; sparkling sequins; and, metallic lamé.  Scandalous drew me in as I love warm-tones (even though I have too many), whilst Provocouture appealed as I don’t tend to buy pink shades and I was feeling adventurous.

The shade names on each palette make up a little saying when read across the palette:


Say It, With Style, Otherwise, You Might, As Well, Just Stay, In Bed.


Hot Pants, At The Office, Cause A Fuss, That’s Why, They Call Her, Little Miss, Scandalous.




Provocouture is a gorgeous mix of pinks, plums and magenta.  There is a nice mix of warm and cool tones and whilst I didn’t think I would suit pinks, they actually look really nice.

SAY IT – cool pink metallic that’s smooth, creamy and long-wearing.

WITH STYLE – cool lavender pink matte that is buildable but can feel a bit powdery.

OTHERWISE – medium mauve matte that works well as a transition shade and blends well.

YOU MIGHT – purple mauve shimmer that stays on all day but works best with a damp brush.

AS WELL – blackened brown glitter that’s highly pigmented and is similar to Scorpio from Urban Decay.

JUST STAY – warm plum satin that is so creamy and smooth and applies beautifully.

IN BED – fuchsia pink demi-matte that’s nicely pigmented and blendable.

Provocouture costs £39.00 and you can buy it here.




Scandalust is just me in a palette.  The warm tones are perfectly to my taste and it’s ideal for this time of year.  I do think someone will have to prise warm palettes out of my hands come Spring.

HOT PANTS – warm beige satin that’s nicely pigmented and very smooth.

AT THE OFFICE – warm beige matte that is very smooth and blends well.

CAUSE A FUSS – rosy copper metallic that can be a bit dry but is stunning when used with a wet brush.

THAT’S WHY – orange brown matte that’s richly pigmented and similar to Pastry from Too Faced.

THEY CALL HER – warm red copper metallic that is stunning when used with a damp brush.

LITTLE MISS – brown plum matte that is fairly silky but a bit harder to blend.

SCANDALOUS – dark red demi-matte that applies evenly and is beautifully pigmented.

Scandalust costs £39.00 and is available to buy here.



The quality of the Eye-Conic palettes is so good and I definitely want to get more.  Have you tried any of them yet?

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