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Advanced Night Repair

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Advanced Night Repair from Estée Lauder is one of those cult beauty products that everyone raves about.  Beauty lovers young and old sing it’s praises and I’m yet to hear anyone say a bad word against it.  Pair it with the matching Eye Cream and you have a match made in skincare heaven.  World Duty Free have this exclusive gift set (£85.70) and I am in love.

Advanced Night Repair

Prior to receiving this, I had only ever had really small bottles of Advanced Night Repair and tiny jars of the eye cream.  For the longest time I’ve wanted to invest in larger sizes, so this set is ideal.  Night-time is when our skin repairs itself, so having a good skincare regime is vital.  When I think of all the years I’d just wash my face before bed … I’m lucky I still have a face!  I’m joking, but looking after your skin at night is important.

Advanced Night Repair

Advanced Night Repair

Advanced Night Repair


So why is this such a loved product?  It’s simple – you put it on at bedtime and wake up looking better.  Who doesn’t want that?  Now I’m approaching 35 (*hold me*), I’m more conscious of lines and wrinkles.  Nobody wants to see them, so a product that will help with them is perfect.

The serum has a lovely oil-formula and feels nice and light on the skin with no greasy feeling.  Advanced Night Repair contains exclusive ChronoluxCB Technology that works for optimum night-time renewal.  I do like a product that does all it’s hard work whilst I’m snoring away.  Lazy girl beauty at it’s finest.


* Lines & wrinkles appear significantly reduced

* Skin feels smoother, stronger and more hydrated

* Skin looks younger, radiant and more even toned

* Fights all key signs of ageing

Whenever I use this, I always notice a difference in the morning.  My skin looks healthier and those dreaded lines are less noticeable.  To say I’m excited to have a large bottle of this is an understatement.  I really enjoy my night-time skincare routine and it’s now even nicer thanks to Advanced Night Repair.


Cleanse the skin as normal, and then before moisturising, reach for this.  Apply a drop of the serum to each fingertip of one hand and then press the fingertips of both hands together.  Massage into the face and neck, working from the centre outwards.  Finish off with your night cream (at the moment I’m also loving using NightWear Plus).

Suitable for all skin types.

Advanced Night Repair

Advanced Night Repair

Advanced Night Repair


Looking after the skin around the eyes is so important – especially once you get to my age.  I have tried many eye creams and some work, and others ….. Well you just don’t see any difference.  I’ve been using little pots of this for a while and thankfully, this is one of the good ones.

The formula is a rich and silky gel creme that feels comfortable around the eye area.  There’s an almost cushion-like feeling and whilst it’s rich, it doesn’t feel heavy.  I always find that my eyes look brighter after using this and I lose some of the zombie-like appearance I tend to have.


* fine lines

* wrinkles

* puffiness

* dark circles

* dryness

* uneven skin tone

Sleep and I don’t always get along, so I can wake up with the puffiest, darkest eyes ever.  Even before this set arrived, I’d gone back to Advanced Night Repair Eye, and this, along with eye drops, is making a huge difference.  I will probably never fully get rid of the darkness, but this really does help.


Each pot comes with a little applicator.  Dip the ball of the applicator into the jar and apply 3 tiny dots to each eye. You really don’t need to use a lot.  Using your ring finger, blend the creme gently around the eye.  Use morning and night after cleansing.

So whether you’re at the airport on your way to some exotic location, or even just on the World Duty Free website, be sure to pick up this amazing set.  Your skin will thank you for it each morning.

* Contains PR Samples


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