My December Digital Detox

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Hello Bunnies!

A digital detox is long overdue.  Being a blogger, I seem to constantly be in front of a screen and I need to remind myself to step away every now and again.  December is a busy month anyway, but throw Blogmas into the mix and I’m a bit overwhelmed.  From losing a memory card full of content, to nasty people thinking they’re funny by buying me Twitter followers (seriously), life has been a bit stressful.  So here are a few tips on how I switch off and relax.

December Digital Detox

December Digital Detox

The first thing I like to do is get in my pjs.  If you’ve got Christmas ones then even better – it is December after all.  I tend to have a bath first as this always helps me to unwind.  A lot of the time I use my bath time to check social media or watch YouTube, but this is a digital detox, so thats not an option.  Once you’re in your pjs, then cosy fluffy slippers are a must.  December is the month for being cosy and I have a stack of fluffy Christmas socks and slippers.

Next, you’re going to want some candles.  I have candles lit most days, but in December you get to bring out the Christmas candles.  I love these from Lily Flame and got very excited when we saw them for sale at a local outlet store last week.  We even bought the matching room spray too.  Candles always help me to relax – they just add to that sense of calm that I need after a week of emails, blog posts and social media.

December Digital Detox

December Digital Detox

The whole vibe of my digital detox is to relax, unwind and be cosy away from technology, so a hot drink is always a good idea.  Usually my Santa mug would be full of hot chocolate and whipped cream, but I’ve finally discovered the joys of a good cup of tea.  There’s nothing nicer than curling up on the sofa with a brew and the fire on.  You can tell I’m not a summer sort of girl!

Then I settle down with a good book.  I tend to go to places like The Works where you can pick up 3 paperbacks for a fiver.  I love reading but very rarely allow myself to sit down with a book for more than 10 minutes, so I relish the time.  To immerse yourself in a novel without caring about what’s happening on Twitter or checking your emails is extremely relaxing and good for the soul.  I also use this time of being sat still to whack on some body butter or cream and let it soak in whilst I relax.

These days I don’t get the chance to have a digital detox often, but I’d highly recommend it.  I think we can too easily become too involved and caught up in the online world. It can all get a bit too much at times.  I don’t want to be stressed out in the run up to Christmas.  Therefore I will be trying to clear a couple of evenings a week to switch off and relax.

What do you like to do to escape the hassles of the internet?


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