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David Mallett Hydration

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David Mallett wasn’t a name that I was familiar with, but it turns out this man knows haircare.  I can be a bit wary of moving away from my regular brands of shampoo, but I’m glad that I did.  Constant blow drying and styling can have a damaging effect on our hair – as well as the environment and lifestyle.  My hair can get very dry so products that promise to hydrate the hair are a good choice for me.

L’Hydration No 1 range is stripped back haircare at it’s best.  David Mallett has taken out all of the unnecessary ingredients that are often in products and has kept in purely what is needed.  This appeals to me as I don’t like putting too many chemicals and artificial ingredients onto my hair.  I have been testing these on and off for a couple of months – I don’t use them when my hair is in one of it’s greasy stages as it doesn’t need the extra moisture.  If you do like to use heat on your hair everyday or your hair tends to be dry, then keep reading.

David Mallett Hydration

David Mallett Hydration


When it comes to shampoo, I want one that adds shine and leaves my hair feeling nice.  This ticks the box.  I’ve been reaching for this when my hair has been feeling really dry or damaged and it has lovely results.  Using this has resulted in my dry hair becoming more hydrated with a nice shine and feeling healthier.

Refined macadamia nut oil is the main active ingredient and it’s this that makes it such a nice shampoo.  The oil opens up the hair cuticle to allow moisture and nutrients to penetrate the hair.  There’s no fragrance and it creates a light lather that feels likes it’s really cleaning the hair.

At €35.00 a bottle, I do think this is expensive – as nice as it is, I can’t see me buying this too often.  Perhaps if my hair was always really dry, then it would be worth it, but not for occasional days.

David Mallett Hydration

David Mallett Hydration


My hair needs conditioner – seriously needs it.  Even tangle teezers struggle to get through my hair if I haven’t conditioned it.  Memories of my mum attacking my hair as a child to try get a comb through it still flash before my eyes.  Sometimes, a matching shampoo and conditioner combo don’t always agree with my hair, but I love this conditioner.

The formula is nice and creamy and it prevents the build up of residue as well as leaving the hair easier to style.  Keravis, a plant protein complex, is the main active ingredient and it enables penetration right into the hair cortex.  Your hair is left looking beautifully shiny, as well as feeling softer and more manageable.

Again, the only downside is the price.  A bottle of this will set you back €38.00 and to me, that’s just a little bit too much.

To try David Mallett for yourself, check out the website.

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