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Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Skin

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It’s that time of year when people are getting ready to jet off to sunnier climes and our focus goes on travel friendly products that will fit in the suitcase.  For me, I like to have my favourites with me, so The Charlotte Tilbury  Gift of Red Carpet Skin Travel Kit (£59.00) is ideal.  I was sent this for PR and the packaging has changed – instead of the cardboard case, there’s now a lovely makeup / wash bag included.  If you want descriptions of the products included, then check out my Charlotte Tilbury Pamper Time post.

I am a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury (I think we all know that) and her skincare is just lovely.  I have all the full size products, but I do love having these travel-sized versions.  They’re great for taking away with you, or if you just don’t have a lot of room in your bathroom.  If you are new to her skincare, then the Charlotte Tilbury Gift of Red Carpet Skin is also a great kit to introduce yourself to the products.

Charlotte Tilbury gift of red carpet skin

First up there are 4 x 15ml tubes of some of Charlotte Tilbury’s skincare magic tricks.  I can guarantee that you’ll fall in love with at least 2, if not all of these.

MULTI MIRACLE GLOW – this is one of my favourites.  It’s a cleansing balm (but you also use it as a really nourishing mask) that leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.  It removes makeup but I do love using this as a mask – I leave it on for 10 minutes and then wipe off and my skin always feels amazing.

GODDESS SKIN CLAY MASK – this is the one I think a lot of you will really love.  It contains Bio-Nymph Peptide (no, I don’t know what it is either), Mediterranean Clay and Sweet Almond Oil. This is an incredible mask and leaves your skin feeling and looking smoother, plumper and with a gorgeous glow.

WONDER GLOW – I adore this stuff, and so do many others as it’s won some awards.  It’s an instant soft focus beauty flash and I use this both under and over foundation, or even on it’s own.  It contains breakthrough technology that steals UV light and radiates it as skin luminosity leaving you with a glowing complexion.

SUPERMODEL BODY – I don’t use this as much as I should, but if you want glowing limbs that look leaner then this is for you.  It contains a subtle pigment that is blended with contouring highlights, and according to Charlotte it acts like invisible shape wear lingerie on your skin.  To me, it’s just a nice shimmery body cream.

Charlotte Tilbury gift of red carpet skin

CHARLOTTE’S MAGIC CREAM – oh Magic Cream how I adore you!  I know a lot of people say that this is basically Nivea, but I disagree.  Yes the consistency is very similar but Nivea doesn’t make my skin look amazing and this does.  It contains a secret fusion of anti-ageing ingredients that work to leave you with dull, ageing, lacklustre skin.  Seriously, I love this stuff.

Charlotte Tilbury gift of red carpet skin

TAKE IT ALL OFF – finally, there’s Charlotte’s makeup remover.  I do really like this and it is certainly effective at removing the layers of mascara I put on.  It’s an oil-rich, two-toned cleanser and it doesn’t feel harsh on the eyes.

So whether you’re off on your holidays or just want to try her skincare, then The Charlotte Tilbury Gift of Red Carpet Skin is just what you need.

Charlotte Tilbury gift of red carpet skin

The Charlotte Tilbury Gift of Red Carpet Skin kit costs £59.00 and is available from Charlotte Tilbury.

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