Infini Roses – Year Long Luxury Roses *

Infini Roses

I love having flowers around the house but I always forget to change the water and they die pretty quickly, so roses that last a year are ideal for me.  Infini Roses have kindly sent me a box to review.

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Things Improve – Mental Health Update

mental health update

It’s been a while since I wrote about my mental health – but I figured it was time for a little update.  I’ve tried really hard to be so open about the struggles I’ve been having and I hope that it has helped some of you.  This post is surprisingly positive when you think back to where I was at the start of September, but I think it’s important to highlight the positives as well as the difficulties.

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Mother’s Day – Ugh, Is It Over Yet?

Mother's Day

So today is Mother’s Day … one of the toughest days of the year.  I hate it.  Yes my lovelies, I am the Mother’s Day Grinch.  Now if you’re reading this in a happy little bubble of family togetherness with a cute card in front of you and a little bunch of flowers then you might not want to read any further.  I’m not here to piss on anyone’s chips or begrudge the happiness you feel today.  Instead, this post is for those of us who find today difficult.

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Is The High Street Dying Out?

High Street

What do you think of when you think of the British High Street?  For me it evokes memories of shopping trips with my Mum, of Saturdays spent with friends and of shops that you think will always be there.  It brings back happy memories, but will today’s teenagers have those sorts of memories when they look back?

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Feeling Lost In The Blogging World

feeling lost

Recently I’ve been feeling a little bit lost in the blogging world.  I’ve not had much motivation to post or even take photographs which is not like me at all.  A lot of thinking has been going on as to whether my heart is in this anymore.  I don’t have a definitive answer, but I do still have a love and passion for what I do.

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