A Mini JustMyLook Haul *


What’s more fun than finding a new website where you can buy makeup?  Not much I tell you.  Ok so JustMyLook isn’t new, as it’s been around since 2015, but it’s new to me.

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theBalm Nude Beach Palette With Swatches *

theBalm Nude Beach

theBalm Nude Beach is the latest addition to my palette collection.  I used to be obsessed with theBalm palettes, so I was quite excited when this arrived.

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Charlotte Tilbury Genius Magic Powder *

Charlotte Tilbury Genius Magic Powder

The makeup fairies have listened and at long last the Charlotte Tilbury Genius Magic Powder is here.  I’ve had a little wishlist of products I wish Charlotte would make, such as a setting spray called Magic Mist, and a loose powder was at the top of the list.

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Urban Decay Born To Run Palette *

Urban Decay Born To Run

The Urban Decay Born To Run palette is quite possibly the most versatile palette I’ve received in a long time.  Whether you want a neutral look or to go all out, this palette has it all.

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Misslyn Cosmetics – Cheek Products *

Misslyn Cosmetics

If Benefit and theBalm ever decided to have a baby, Misslyn Cosmetics would be the result.  I’d never heard of the brand before I was sent a few products, but they’re bright, bold and fun with retro pop art packaging.

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