Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Universe Calendar *

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Universe

The Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Universe Advent Calendar has arrived and it is so flipping pretty that I can’t stop staring at it.  I’ve had every Charlotte Tilbury calendar and this year I was lucky enough to be sent it as a birthday present from Team Tilbury.  As soon as it arrived I was busy opening it up as I’m a child with no patience obviously lol.

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MAC Shiny Pretty Things Mini Pigments Set

MAC Shiny Pretty Things

Ok, I didn’t need these, and I think I probably already have a couple of the shades, but how was I supposed to resist the MAC Shiny Pretty Things Mini Pigments set?  I mean I have willpower but not that much so they kind of fell into my basket and I’m not even sorry.

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ASOS Bobbi Brown Box – It’s A Bargain!

ASOS Bobbi Brown

I always forget that ASOS do beauty but I was having a little browse for products for a Stocking Filler Guide (coming soon), and I stumbled across the ASOS Bobbi Brown box.  Now I love me some Bobbi Brown and when I saw that this box was just £15.00 I had to have it.

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Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lips With Swatches *

Pixi MatteLast

When the new Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lips arrived in the cutest PR package, I was one very happy girl.  I already had a few of them from a previous parcel, but now there are even more shades and they are all completely gorgeous.

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Charlotte Tilbury Glowing Pretty Skin Palette *

Charlotte Tilbury Glowing Pretty Skin

The Charlotte Tilbury Glowing Pretty Skin Palette has been on my radar for a few months now.  I first saw it on some random American woman’s YouTube channel and I knew that I needed.  When it was first launched, it was a Nordstrom exclusive which kind of broke my heart a little.  Thankfully, it is now available here in the UK and it’s everything I had imagined and more.

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