Breaking The Beauty Blogging Money Trap

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Hello Bunnies!

Beauty blogging is fun, I’m not going to deny it.  However, there’s a dangerous trap many of us fall into when we start blogging.  It’s one big old money trap and I am determined to break it.  There’s some bloggers who make a nice living out of this, but for the majority of us it can be an expensive pursuit.  My recent struggles with money have shown me just how much running this blog and my Instagram have cost me … and it has to stop.

One thing you often hear from bloggers is ‘This would be good for the blog’.  It is an excuse we all make when justifying purchases and I am particularly guilty of this.  I’ve lost count of how much makeup I’ve bought as I thought it would make a good blog post.  Some of it was makeup that I hardly ever used.  I actually feel sick at the thought of how much money I wasted.

All those Advent Calendars I reviewed last Christmas?  I spent well over £1000 on them.  Out of all those calendars there were only 3 I even liked that much.  That money could have gone on rent or towards a holiday, but I spent it on Advent Calendars.  What a waste.

Back in the days of the old blog, I used to do a lot of hauls.  Mick and I would go to the Trafford Centre and I’d happily blow hundreds of pounds in Selfridges.  Did I need any of that makeup I bought?  Not really, but I knew I could do a haul post and video.  The really laughable thing is that we don’t have a lot of money and I couldn’t even afford to do all those hauls.


I’d get home from those shopping trips feeling so happy, but it fades … and fast.  Once I’d shown off my wares on Instagram and published my post, that feeling was gone.  So then you go looking for the next high and the next shopping trip.  All of this has resulted in a lot of makeup and a very empty bank account.  The other day I was wondering how to pay the Council Tax … I don’t think they’ll accept 200 liquid lipsticks as payment somehow.

Growing up, I watched my Mum deal with unhappiness by going shopping, so that’s what I learnt.  I thought that shopping solved all problems – I didn’t stop to think of all the problems I was storing up for myself.  It wasn’t just my  money I’d spend on makeup either and that’s where the real problems started.  Fancy admitting to your Dad that you’ve blown his retirement nest egg?  Take it from me, it’s one of the most shameful moments of your life.  Feel like seeing the look on your finance’s face as paramedics take you to hospital after a suicide attempt?  You’ll feel like the lowest of the low.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some bloggers who behave responsibly and can carry on with their beauty blogging without bankrupting themselves.  I applaud them and want them to teach me their ways.  I think I felt that I needed to buy all the latest launches to keep up with the blogging community.  Somehow, I believed that without the latest Urban Decay palette that my blog was worthless … that I was worthless.


Now don’t get me wrong, I take a lot of pleasure from my makeup collection.  I love looking at all those shiny lipsticks and pretty palettes, but I wasn’t using half of what I had.  Products were going out of date before I even got around to properly using them – I recently threw away 49 mascaras that had gone off.  Not drugstore ones either.  As I’ve had to curb my spending, I’ve been shopping my stash more and rediscovering forgotten about blushers and eyeshadows I’d been determined to buy.  I’m getting the love for makeup back, rather than the love for makeup shopping.

Admittedly there are some launches that I’d love to buy.  We all know how much I love Charlotte Tilbury and her Hollywood Collection is testing me.  However, I just have to admit that I can’t afford it.  Owning almost every CT product is all well and good, but when you’re worried the electricity will be cut off … well, I’ll just have to do without.

Previously I have been critical of blogs that were full of PR posts, but now that’s all you see on mine.  I have come to rely on the PR that I am sent to keep my reviews coming.  In the future I know I’ll have to be more creative with what I write about.  Maybe there’ll be more personal posts, more makeup looks … maybe even some interior posts.  I don’t know, but I do know that I want to continue beauty blogging – just in a different way.

I’m not prepared to jeopardise mine and Mick’s finances just so I can show you the latest products.  If I am sent makeup, then yes I will write about it and maybe once in a blue moon I will treat myself – but only if I have the money.  I love blogging, I really do but I don’t love it more than I love knowing the roof over my head is safe.  If my blog posts don’t please you anymore, then I apologise, but I can’t risk falling back into the state I was in last week as I swallowed those tablets.


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