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Becca Eye Lights

When I first saw the Becca Eye Lights palette from their Aprs Ski Glow Collection, I knew it had to be mine.  From the gorgeous packaging to the selection of warm shades, everything about it just screamed out to me.  Thankyou Santa (aka Mick), for bringing this into my life.

I had read a couple of quite negative reviews about this palette, but I knew some others who really liked it and I always prefer to make my own judgement.  What works for someone might not work for someone else and vice versa.  I’ve had this since Christmas Day and have had a good play around with it before writing this.  I’ve tested every shade multiple times and I have to say I like it.

Becca Eye Lights

Becca Eye Lights

If warm toned palettes make your heart beat a little faster, then the Becca Eye Lights palette will appeal to you.  I’m always drawn towards these sorts of palettes as they suit my colouring, so I was pleased to see it’s even prettier in the flesh than it looks in photos. As soon as I opened this, I knew I was going to like it and give it a lot of use.

There are 7 fireside-inspired shades and the colours are ones that just make me ridiculously happy – these are the types of shades that I love.  Five of the shades are inspired by Becca’s gorgeous and iconic highlighter shades, and there are two holiday inspired shades – Toasted Marshmallow and Hot Cocoa.


MOONSTONE – pale, incandescent gold shimmer

OPAL – neutral white gold shimmer

TOPAZ – radiant, golden bronze shimmer

TOASTED MARSHMALLOW – taupe brown satin

HOT COCOA – warm burgundy satin

ROSE QUARTZ – soft pink shimmer

PEARL – soft, luminescent white satin

Becca Eye Lights

Becca Eye Lights

The shades are all gorgeous, but they’re not as creamy as I’d expected.  Becca’s formulas with their highlighters and blushers is spot on and they’ve slightly missed the mark here.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re lovely shadows and very easy to work with, but they’re just a tiny bit on the dry side.

Saying that, they’re pigmented, blend really well and stay looking good all day.  The formula isn’t horrible, I want to make that clear – it just isn’t what I’d imagined.  This hasn’t put me off the palette at all – I really really like it and will be using it a lot.  I do have another Becca eyeshadow palette and that’s also quite dry and this is much better.

The palette is limited edition and barely anywhere stocks it now as it was there Christmas collection, but you can still pick it up on QVC (and for less than it cost originally).

Becca Eye Lights

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