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Whenever I think of bareMinerals I think of makeup – I always forget that they do skincare.  Now in the past I’ve not been the biggest fan of the brand – the mineral foundation drives me mad and I once had some sort of cleanser from them that broke me out like a bitch.  However, I’m an open-minded sort of girl, so when they asked if I wanted to try some of their skincare, I was happy to put previous prejudices aside and give these a go.

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I love face masks so I was excited to try the Dirty Detox Skin Glowing and Refining Mud Mask.  I’ve tried many mud based masks and generally my skin seems to respond well to them.  When I saw that this one was charcoal based, I knew that I was going to like it as charcoal always leaves my skin purified and looking clearer.

optiontime binary The mask contains 4 mineral-rich clays that are loaded with skin-loving benefits, as well as a refining complex that is infused with Papaya Enzyme.  It’s also enriched with subtle notes of Bergamot and Eucalyptus that make using the mask a calming experience.

rencontre igny Sometimes when I use a mud mask it can feel quite drying and uncomfortable as it dries, but there was no tightness with this.  After I rinsed  it off, there was no redness or irritation and my skin felt so smooth.  I noticed that my skin looked brighter, clearer and even the dreaded blackheads that seem to have taken up permanent residence on my nose appeared reduced. I’ve been using this mask twice a week for a month now and I am so pleased with the results.  At £32.00 it’s a bit on the pricey side but I have to say I prefer it to the GlamGlow mask (sorry) and I would definitely go out and purchase this.  If you want a mask that leaves you with fresh and healthy looking skin that has a glow, then you might just want to treat yourself to this. bareMinerals Ageless Genius & Dirty Detox

Admittedly I can be a bit of a princess and I don’t like getting dirty, so I always prefer to use a brush to apply face masks.  After all, who wants masks all up under their nails?  No, just no.  So a brush is always going to be a better option for me. The Skinsorials Mask Essentials Mask Smoothing Brush is a clever little thing.  It has a unique angled shape that enables you to scoop the mask out and then smooth it on.  The shape allows it to hug the facial contours so you get a nice even application.  You also get a black waffle textured Mask Removal Cloth that helps you remove the face mask without wrecking your white face cloths – we’ve all destroyed a number of them in our times due to our masking obsessions!

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My skincare regime is very important to me, especially now that I am 35.  Whilst I don’t really have that many wrinkles yet (except for my forehead – years of frowning will do that to you), I believe that prevention is better than the cure.  Even on the days when I’m being a little bit lazy, I always make sure to use a serum.

The bareMinerals Ageless Genius Firming & Wrinkle Smoothing Serum is so good.  Within just 4 weeks you can really start to see an improvement in those dreaded signs of ageing.  The concentrated lotion is powered by mineral gold, age defying peptides and encapsulated Vitamin A (a natural source of retinol) and it works – it really works.

It promises to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and expression lines and I have seen a definite reduction in those pesky forehead lines and in the ones that are starting to appear around my mouth.  They’re still there but they’re not as obvious and seeing as I have only been using it for a month, the results have pleased me.  The texture of my skin has also improved and feels a lot smoother and there’s a slight improvement in the firmness and elasticity.

Your skin is also left protected from environmental stressors thanks to a potent blend of botanical extracts which also help to hydrate the skin.  I do know that I have some more skincare to test out over the next couple of months, so I have to have a break from this serum, but I will definitely be going back to it as I’m more than happy with the results.

bareMinerals Ageless Genius & Dirty Detox

bareMinerals Ageless Genius & Dirty Detox


Along with the serum, for £65.00 you can also get the bareMinerals Ageless Genius Firming and Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream in a handy skincare duo.  I’m not sure if you can buy them separately elsewhere, but I like the fact you get the two together.

The eyes quite often give away a person’s age, so using an eye cream is a good way of trying to disguise that a little.  Can you tell I’m not loving the fact that 40 is less than 5 years away?  This cream helps to smooth the crow’s feet and reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.  I am permanently exhausted so often have dark circles and I’ve noticed a definite improvement in how dark they are.  For me, the reduction in the puffiness has been the best part as that has been the bane of my life for the longest time.

Along with the botanical extracts, it also contains shea butter to help to hydrate and protect the delicate skin around the eye area.  My skin has been super dry around my eyes, so this has really helped.  It’s not my favourite eye cream to use, but it certainly works and does feel nice on the skin.

All in all, I’ve been really impressed with the bareMinerals skincare products that I have tried.  I love the mask and the serum and the eye cream is nice too.

All products are available on the source url bareMinerals website as well as from other retailers.

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